Course Outline
Job Opportunity
The department is well equipped both in human resources and the needed infrastructure. The field of chemistry is of great importance in our day to day life. It is commonly referred to as ‘The Science of Matter’. Students on successful completion of the course have various options for the future. Students can easily get placed in a job with the degree or can go for higher studies or can choose any short term or long term certification courses. Young talents in the field of chemistry are in great demand in both public sector and private sector organizations.

A chemical compound is a substance made up of two or more elements. In a compound, two or more atoms are joined together to form a molecule. The tiniest speck of dust or drop of liquid, that one can see is made up of many millions or billions of these molecules.

Several concepts are essential for the study of chemistry; some of them are Phase. Diagram showing relationships among the phases and the terms used to describe phase changes. Bonding. Main article: Chemical bond. Energy. Main article: Energy. Reaction. Ions and salts.
For B.Sc. Chemistry: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects at the Higher Secondary level.

Duration of the Course:

The students shall undergo the prescribed course of the study for a period of three academic years (Six Semesters).
  • Analytical chemist

  • Biotechnologist

  • Chemical engineer

  • Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry

  • Forensic scientist

  • Nanotechnologist

  • Pharmacologist

  • Research scientist (physical sciences)

  • Scientific laboratory technician

  • Toxicologist

  • Food Manufacturing industry