Mill Engineer, Madura Coats(P) Ltd.,

Er. N.Sathiyamoorthi

When weighing a decision, first remove biases and analyze it from different perspectives. Then use your gut to make the final call.

CAIIB Divisional Manager

PSU Bank, Dindigul.

K. Sundararajan M.Sc.,

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

Cluster Head - Training,

Tata AIA Life Insurance Co Ltd.

Responsible Branches: Chennai, Chidambaram, Nagercoil, Karaikudi and Dindigul.

Mr.T.R. Prakash Kumar

A great business strives to add meaningful value to the world, and it’s willing to share its successes and failures.

Auditor, Dindigul.,

CA. John Peter Raj .S

The timeframe of your goals should be proportionate to the type of work that you do. It also depends on what your goals are.

Corporate Chief Chef - Overseas and India.,

The Joint Secretary Madurai Hotel Association Labour Wing.

Mr.S.R. Sundar

Be decisive with the information that you have. If you’re stuck, focus on what’s in the best interest of your team or customers.

Inspector of Police

Dindigul City

Mr.P. Parthiban

Get clear about your values. Write them down. Talk about them a lot. Use them extensively while doing anything.

Assistant Professor, Agriculture College, Madurai.

Dr. J. Prabhaharan

Things are constantly changing so don’t get hung up on the current state of things. Instead focus on how to make things better each day.

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