President Message

Sree Vee College opens the Gateway not only to Higher Education but also for a promising future through value added Education and Employability skill training.

Enthused by the wider vision of enriching life values and desirable virtues, it was the need of the times to launch an ideal Higher Education Institution where students with a rural background can enter into college Education at an affordable cost in a lively luxurious and Hi tech campus.

SreeVee college serves the students community beyond the books. The dedicated campus community shares the present needs of the students and also cares for the future placement in life. The college offers convergent curricular coaching and couples career guidance. The college embeds the existing curriculum with opportunities for complementing the knowledge potential with skill-sets and for supplementing experience with wider life vision and broader outlook, out of the portals of Sree Vee College will emerge young empowered men and women graduates with moulded personality to match life demands, national demands and global demands.

Have a great time in SREEVEE College by channelizing all your skills and knowledge.