Course Outline
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Communication Skills Through Mathematics, Trigonometry and Theory Of Equations, Differential Equations, Communication Skills For Mathematics, Sequences and Series ,Analytical Geometry of 3D,Vector Analysis and Differential Geometry, Modern Algebra, Statistics, Advanced Calculus I, Programming in C, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Graph Theory, Programming with C++, Quantitative Aptitude, Complex Analysis, Operations Research – I, Mechanics, Fuzzy Sets, Combinatorics, Advanced Calculus –II, Advanced Statistics, Operations Research – II , Introduction to Research Methodology, Life Frontier Engagement, Applications of Statistics in Genetics, Parallel Interconnection Networks, Fourier Transform and its applications, Applications of Graph Theory in Chemistry, Application of Fuzzy Sets Using Matlab, Biostatistics.

The goal of the course is to help students to develop a valuable mental ability –A powerful way of thinking that our ancestors have developed over three thousand years. This course is designed with particular students in mind. People who want to develop or improve mathematics – based analytics thinking for professional or general life purpose. To achieve this aim, the first year of the course has very little traditional mathematics. The second year of the course provides mathematical thinking about mathematical ideas. After completing the course, one can apply effective strategies of thinking to approach questions in their lives with insight and innovations. Finally any one can think more effectively and imaginatively throughout their lives.
Candidate should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the board of Higher Secondary, Education, Government of Tamil Nadu or any other Examination accepted by syndicate as equivalent thereto, with Mathematics as one of the subjects in Higher Secondary Education.

Duration of the Course:

The students shall undergo the prescribed course of the study for a period of three academic years (Six Semesters).
  • Mathematician

  • Chartered Accountancy

  • Banking

  • Actuarial Sciences

  • Data Analysis

  • Special Mathematics